What are my Choices? - Timeless Memories Portrait and Event Photographer

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1. Book your Photo Session

Call, text, E-mail, or message us. We are so flexible and want to make just this one thing in life easy for you. 

     Call or text us : 505-488-8824

     E-mail: tmportraits@outlook.com

     Facebook message: https://www.facebook.com/timelessmemoriesportrait?ref=hl

     Or simply click here: Contact Us

2. Smile, Pose, and Laugh

Smile, Say Cheese, and laugh at our jokes.  This is the time to hang out and have a great time.  We will take candids (those intimate or goofy times where you are just being you), you will pose and we will adjust as needed (no bending into pretzels here), we'll tell jokes, pick on you a little bit, move around (possibly a small hike), find beautiful places to stop and pose some more, and we will be done before you know it! 

Have the perfect poses in mind?  This is YOUR portrait session, bring your ideas and we will do our best to make them happen.  Bring along props (your child's favorite toy, your husband's favorite sports team memorabilia, or even your pet) and your session will be even more personal to you. 

Bring an outfit change or dress in layers. 

If this is your first portrait session, we can offer suggestions. 

Be ready to have fun.  Don't be shy, we want you to LOVE the results.



Want to see ALL of your images, not just the ones selected by someone as worthy?  You've come to the right place.  ALL of your images (minus ones deemed inappropriate - eyes at half-blink, clothing mishaps exposing intimate parts, etc.) will be uploaded as low-resolution into galleries for your viewing. 

Choices, choices, CHOICES. You have choices.  Digital or print?  1-image or 1,000.  Location or studio?  A-la-carte or packages?  Order now or 3 months from now?  And the list goes on and on.

Now, stop worrying.



And Laugh until you cry!

3. View ALL of your images and Download and/or make your selections for print editing

View ALL of your images

 All of your images(original/unedited) will be uploaded as low-resolution files into folder/s (400 images per gallery), usually within 24-hours.  They are uploaded as low-resolution files for quick uploading and delivery.  The originals will be uploaded with a title including: ORIGINALS-NOT FOR PRINT.  This allows you to view your images with no pressure for sales.  There will NEVER be any calls or texts or messages pressuring you to buy anything! 


 Each gallery is available for download NOW.  There are 3 options here: web size ($99), low res ($99), and hi-res ($300).  What's the difference?  Print quality.  Do NOT order print packages from these originals.  If you would like hi-resolution images for download, please let us know and we will upload them for you into a separate gallery.  The downloaded images do not have the watermark across them.


While looking at your images, you will notice that the image numbers are included.  If you would like to order prints, please make a note of the image numbers.


You Choose your Prints

Send us the image numbers of YOUR favorite images.  Once we receive your choices, we will edit them and upload them into a new gallery.  This new gallery will contain hi-resolution images.  What exactly happens during editing?  Blemishes, hair, lint, and imperfections will be removed; black and white images, color splashes, and other artistic alterations will be created; and simple lighting, contrast, and cropping will be completed.  For every image you choose for editing, 1-10 new images will become available (a black and white, sepia tone, cropped, close up, etc.)  From the new and improved images gallery, you can select your images for print.  Choose 1 print or several images in a print package.  The choice is yours.

Delivered to you or your family members

 Your order will be delivered to you at whatever address you choose. There is no need to pay shipping and handling twice!  Order prints for your family and have it delivered to them without delay! (separate order required for each address) 

Digital Images include only digital images available for download from our website.  Edited, hi-res images will appear in a separate gallery (or galleries); these will include either images of your choosing or photographer's choice (depending on what you decide) and will be available for download or print orders.  Please note: we cannot make any guarantees on how final images will appear if printed at your local supermarket (i.e. Walmart or Walgreens) or on your home printer.  For the best results on printed portraits, we highly recommend ordering prints from our website where they will be printed at a professional lab.